Saturday, June 15, 2013

End of Year... or Finals?

     It's time for finals! Three down; seven to go! Except this time, I'm not really worrying as much as I was for midterms.

     The first and most visible factor that led to my being calm on these supposedly stressful days is the relaxing thought that Summer Vacation is only seven school days away. Also, the community pool by my house has already been open for weeks, and is greatly contributing to my summer spirit.

     In addition to nature making me feel relaxed, though, is my own work. I put in several hours weeks before finals even began to outline the majori
ty of content that I'll need to know. This means that I won't be up 'til 2 a.m. the day before - I'll just spend maybe 3 or 4 hours reading over notes.

     So overall, finals aren't really as big of an obstacle as they're made out to be. When they're over, so is school (more or less) - and if anything, they make the school day go by much faster.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


     It's the end of May, that time when projects are due and studying for finals will soon begin. It's the time when you begin to transition from the wintry snow to the springy sunshine (and rain). It's also the time when you just put in your last bit of strength into life before it's summer time. So that's what I'm doing.

     Unlike a few months ago, I'm actually getting things done way ahead of time. For example, I had Reading Craft Analysis project that we were given a month to do in just a few days (not including going back and editing it, of course). I finished the second part of the Where I'm From poem over this past weekend, a week ahead of schedule. And, perhaps best of all, I've been working on Bio Objectives very efficiently, so I don't have to worry about them last minute!

     However, all this working is making me tired and sleepless. Not that I work late - I'm normally done with work by 10:00 these days. The thing is, I feel like I need some relax time after I finish homework, so I stay up until the early hours of the morning just relaxing in bed. This is pretty bad, considering the Bio Subject SAT exam is just in a few days... Speaking of which, I should go and study some more :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everybody!

Mother's Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May, which this year happened to be Sunday, May 12. What's special about the twelfth is that it's the very date my Dad was born, which means that my sister and I are working together all day long to please Mom for Mother's Day and Dad for his birthday.

Right now, we're down in Brooklyn, visiting more moms (my mom's / my dad's / my cousin's) and congratulating them on being a living mother. Which is partially why I want Mother's Day to be named "Mothers' Day", since we not only congratulate our mother but all of the other ones as well. With soon-to-be-due Spanish and English projects, I'm not exactly celebrating as much as I am just taking breaks from homework to say "Happy Mother's Day!", but it's still nice to be on a different couch for once.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


No, not the kind when you're so impressed and don't know what to say.

No, not the kind when you're so mad and just can't say anything.

No, not even the kind when someone forcefully pulls out your larynx (voice box).

I'm talking about the kind of speechless that I, as a High School student, encounter much more often than any of the above. I'm talking about that moment when I look at my list of things to do. And look at it some more. Then I tell myself that I should get something done, so what do I do? I look at it some more. And I just can't say anything; I'm in this trance-like state where all I can do is dwell on how much work I have to do and my incompetency to actually begin.

Then... I get distracted. I get food; I get water; I go upstairs - and forget why - then downstairs, then sit down by my computer and look at that screen one last time before giving up. It's a hot day and I'm in no mood for serious work. I just want to relax and enjoy the warmth that I have been granted by the Sun for the first time in days. Maybe go outside and play soccer or tennis. But then I tell myself that I have work to do! AND I STILL CAN'T BRING MYSELF TO DO IT!

And on goes the cycle of procrastination; not having fun nor getting work done...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Catching Up and a Bonus WEEKEND

     So the Slice of Life story challenge has ended, and I've posted all 31 blog posts for the month of March, but that doesn't mean that I'm all done! I may be posting less frequently, but I still own a blog and I tend to stick with it.

     For the past couple of weeks, I was pretty sick with a cough and sore throat. On Monday, April 1, I went to see a doctor about it. I was recommended to stay home the next day. Though I wanted to go to school as to not miss anything important, I complied. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all tough days at school, but I managed to last through the day and drop into bed at home. I didn't get much homework done throughout the week, which meant I was falling far behind on Biology studying.

     This weekend, though, I started catching up on work. Friday may have been a day to relax for me (0 hours done), and Saturday might have been another easy day (3-4 hours done), but Sunday was quite homework-filled (like 8 hours done?).

     From Thursday (I think) through to Saturday, I was also having a runny nose and used up nearly two boxes of tissues. Though I woke up meh-y on Sunday, Around 12:00 I started to feel 100% back to normal. Having finished homework at 7:30 today, I plan to sleep by 10:00 or so and have a nice, smooth day tomorrow. Until later folks, have fun and spend your time wisely! ;D

Sunday, March 31, 2013


     I woke up today to an awful cough, a bad sleep, a late time of wake-up, and, worst of all, no Wi-fi. Which pretty much meant that the 15 hours of homework I have to do today can only be done from either a friend's house or Brooklyn. Which means that, naturally, my grandma took me to her home in Brooklyn, where I am currently enjoying a not-so-awful cough and a not-so-awful Wi-fi connection. I'm also enjoying an amazing hot raisin bagel (with nothing on it), a clementine, and a cup of warm tea.

     Hopefully I can get some homework done here before I have to return with my sister (who couldn't help but tag along with me) to the Wi-fi-less place that is my house. Though it's super hot here, and I can't bear to have even a light shirt on, I still like being back at Grandma's; it brings back so many memories...


Las Vegas: A Summary

There are many things I saw in Las Vegas, but several definitely stood out.

1) Casinos. There are two thousand casinos in Las Vegas – and I feel as though I’ve visited each and every one of them five times each. It’s not that I gamble – and I certainly don’t plan on doing so any time in the future – it’s just that there’s a casino on every single street and in every single hotel I visited. And the worst part is that if you want to get anywhere, you have to go through the casinos.

2) Ads. Inappropriate ads. They’re everywhere. First, there are the ones on the ground. I was told that someone went to Vegas and didn’t even notice them. I think that’s impossible. The streets are flooded with them, from end to end, scattered on the ground like pebbles on the beach. I’ve stepped on more ads than I have on blocks of cement. Then there’s DirectToYou (or something of that sort) – the ads on cars, constantly driving around you. They really have unique ways to make money in Vegas…

3) Smokers. Everywhere. More than half of the people in Vegas spend any money they haven’t lost in casinos on cigars. The second-hand smoking I did in Vegas poses risks to my health unparalleled to any other event in my life. Even the homeless people smoke!

     In conclusion, Las Vegas is not a place I’d ever choose to live in, but it’s also something I’d never deny visiting. A few trips in a lifetime would be enough to really view the beauty of Las Vegas, without being harmed too much by its downsides. The fountains at Bellagio, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the acrobatics at Circus Circus are something that you shouldn’t miss out on.